Untitled Book
drawings and text, 2018 - 2022

edition: 250, 160 pages
dimension 170 x 240 x 20mm
paper interior & cover: Arena rough white 140 gr, Fedrigoni
finish: adhesive cold glue without crease
interior: 2/2 black + pantone grey 402U
and 16 pages 5/5  full color + grey 402U
cover: blank
font: Acumin Variable Concept light
design: Olga Scholten
printer: Rob Stolk, Amsterdam
lithography: Alex Feenstra, Olga scholten
binder: Agia, Amsterdam

Inqueries about the book: email me.

ProjectThis book is part of a project about returning a thank you to those who impacted my in my life. You make work for yourself but sharing work is an inevitable and irresistible by-product. It is incredibly confronting and for that one moment, makes you, without feeling ashamed or apologetic, very close to someone. One of the first readers said to me: ‘It reads like a Lars von Trier movie. You don’t want to look at it but you do it anyway because you feel that there is a resemblance to be found somewhere.’
I am studying what I have wondered since I was small, what I cannot articulate, but is necessary to capture. I am dissecting myself, like a lab rabbit, finding a place to exist within.

copyright olga scholten, 2023